Mindtech Data Packs and AI Services

Mindtech Data Packs and AI Services create training-ready datasets for fast time to market.

Mindtech Chameleon Data Packs and AI Services

Mindtech offers customers a full range of optional services from creating custom scenes and scenarios, creating bespoke simulator behavior through to producing full training ready datasets.

We at Mindtech are differentiated from a traditional data provider, by having a full in-house AI team, who understand what training data is required to give accurate results for neural networks inferencing.   This team of PHD and Masters graduates have decades of combined experience in real-world implementations of visual-based AI systems.  They create and curate the training data,  generate and test the neural networks, trained on both real, and the custom generated synthetic data from Mindtech's Chameleon Platform, resulting in datasets able to meet customer specifications. This allows customers who lack the expertise or resource to do this in a timely fashion, without compromise on results. 

Training-Ready Data Packs

Creating an appropriate dataset requires considering many variables such as the environment, setting, time of day, camera positions and so on.  Our dedicated AI team work with the customer to understand their specific requirements and then generate a very large dataset across these variables, which typically runs into the 100,000s or 1,000,000s of annotated images.

Chameleon AI Tools & Services

The Mindtech AI tools and services family comprises a comprehensive set of tools designed to create, manage and generate synthetic data for neural network training.