Press Releases

Mindtech Smart Home Application Pack for Chameleon

05 | 01 | 22

Mindtech announce the release of their Smart Home Application Pack at CES 2022

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Mindtech Announces Smart City Application Pack

11 | 11 | 21

Press release about our new Smart City Application Pack

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Mindtech Chameleon 21.1

11 | 08 | 21

News Release about Mindtech Chameleon 21.1 release

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Mindtech @ CES2020

17 | 12 | 19

MIndtech CES2020 demos

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Mindtech announces increased scalability support for Chameleon

15 | 11 | 19

Mindtech has announced container support to allow running multiple instances of their Chameleon synthetic data generation tool on clustered platforms. This approach enables full use of available compute resources leading to a significant reduction in training cycle times for neural networks using Synthetic data.

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Mindtech Introduce Chameleon Synthetic Data Generator and AI Tools for Effective Training of AI-Based Solutions

17 | 09 | 19

Mindtech Global Ltd, a UK based start-up, has announced the availability of Mindtech Chameleon Simulator, creating synthetic vision datasets for training neural networks, and Mindtech Chameleon AI Tools, providing end to end data management for deep learning systems.

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