Mindtech AI Services

Mindtech AI Services create custom packs and training datasets for fast time to market.

Mindtech Chameleon AI Services

Mindtech offers customers a full range of optional services from creating custom scenes and scenarios, creating bespoke simulator behaviour through to producing full training datasets.

We at Mindtech have an expert team, who understand what training data is required to give accurate results for neural networks inferencing. To allow neural networks to perform at their full potential requires significant investment into training data. We are able to provide a service to generate neural networks, trained on both real, and custom generated synthetic data from Mindtech created scenes and scenarios to customer specifications. This allows customers who lack the expertise or resource to do this in a timely fashion, without compromise on results. 

Chameleon AI Tools & Services

The Mindtech AI tools and services family comprises a comprehensive set of tools designed to create, manage and generate synthetic data for neural network training.