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Mindtech Integrated Processors

Our integrated processors contain all the functions required to deliver complete solutions for visual processing in our target markets. They include a unique third generation AI Engine with a fourth generation under development. Two generations have already seen silicon; the third generation is currently being integrated into our family of processors targeted for launch in the near future. Our integrated processor road map delivers solutions covering IoT sensor fusion, high performance visual processing for client side products and edge servers.

AI Engine

The AI engine blends traditional and AI algorithms to ensure the optimum use of the available resources to deliver the best performance within the power envelope available. We provide a full set of tools and libraries so our customers can differentiate their products by tuning existing AI algorithms, optimising traditional algorithms or developing their own unique algorithms for their target markets.

Optimal Performance

We can scale the AI engine to provide the highest level of performance when combined with proven algorithms from small IoT devices to high performance servers. The support of standard processing techniques allows traditional algorithms to be run on the engine as well as AI, allowing flexibility in choosing the best solution for the required performance points.


We deliver complete system level solutions including robust production ready algorithms. We believe the flexibility of using existing algorithms in conjunction with AI delivers the best results for our customers. This reduces time to market allowing them to focus on differentiating their solutions.

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