The Chameleon Platform

Chameleon constructs virtual environments that closely mirror the real world in terms of structure and statistics. Chameleon employs Mindtech's "intelligent" automated behaviour-driven simulator to simulate various interactions between entities and their surroundings. This produces images and sequences which accurately represent real-world characteristics, complete with advanced annotations.

Mindtech's Chameleon is a complete end-end platform for synthetic data creation and curation.

Chameleon builds virtual worlds that are structurally and statistically matched to the real world. The Mindtech Chameleon platform was developed with the goal of enabling data scientists to have access to vast amounts of relevant training data. It comprises the following modules:

  • Asset Manager: Allows end user to easily import their 3D artwork and turn them into full behavioural models for simulation
  • Scenario Editor: Enables the rapid creation of relevant sequences
  • Simulator: A full behavioural led simulator, automating the production of sequences with advanced annotations
  • Curation Manager: Full dataset analysis to allow searching through all data to find only relevant training data.

A complete end-end platform

Mindtech differentiates itself by providing the user with a complete end-end platform.  This platform allows the user to import “dumb” artwork using common 3D file formats, and turn them into Chameleon “Smart” objects.  The Scenario editor allows drag and drop functionality, producing files which are easily malleable using Python or similar.  The behaviour led simulator automates the process of creating the data and annotations, ensuring that relevant data is produced.  The curation manager allows for easy review, and analysis of datasets, and helps target future simualtions for appropriate diversity and bias.

What is often misunderstood is that Synthetic data can actually be closer to the real-world, than gathered real-world data itself.  Issues with geographical location, camera capture and deployment systems are no longer an issue with Synthetic data.  Having appropriate distributions of data that do not infringe privacy, and offer full provenance tracking are additional advantages.

  • GDPR compliant
  • Provenance Tracking
  • Fast
  • Dangerous and rare corner cases
  • Advanced and accurate annotations

Mindtech's Chameleon works across several market and application segments

The emphasis on interactions between entities and their surroundings enables us to serve specific markets such as:

  • Smart Home
  • Smart City
  • Retail