Data Packs

Mindtech’s carefully curated training-ready data packs are a cost-effective solution for training AI vision systems and can be used in conjunction with the Chameleon platform or as a standalone product. Our data packs can offer 100,000’s of relevant annotated GDPR compliant images in less time than it takes to capture and annotate a single relevant real world image.

Safety & Security

  • Gun Detection
  • Gun Detection – Datapack Examples
  • Knife Crime
  • Satellite Surveillance
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Number Plate Detection and Reading

Manufacturing & Digital Workplace

  • Product Inspection – Rusty Bolts
  • Site Health and Safety
  • Object Detection & Materials Management
  • Machine Safe Distancing
  • Construction Vehicle Examples
  • Document Digitisation
  • Synthetic Document Examples

Retail & Ecommerce

  • Point Of Sale Monitoring
  • Store Management

Smart City & Home

  • Highway/Sidewalk Maintenance
  • Public Area Management
  • Home Automation
  • Home Safety
  • Gesture Recognition

Automotive Transportation & Logistics

  • Street Sign Recognition
  • In Car Monitoring