Automotive, Transport & Logistics

The automotive industry was one of the first proponents of synthetic data. Our technology focuses on many areas of the automotive and transport industries from car navigation, driver and occupant safety and security.

Street Sign Recognition

Use Cases

  • Car Navigation
  • Person Navigation
  • Enhanced Location Context (defibrillator here)
  • Assistance for people with disabilities (no steps access)
  • Language translation
  • Digital City Updates

Chameleon Benefits

  • Per character annotation of street signs available to aid OCR. Street signs also semantically segmented to support area of interest training
  • All test strings on street sign are fully controllable to ensure good generalization of the network, this includes random generation of characters, fonts and colours on the street sign
  • Lighting, time of day and weather conditions are all fully controllable to drive corner case performance of network
  • Real world backgrounds can be inserted using Mindtechs Green Screen Studio

In Car Monitoring

Use Cases

  • Driver Tiredness
  • Driver Distraction
  • Poor driving
  • Illegal actions (use of mobile)

Chameleon Benefits

  • Camera location and field of view for in-cabin varies by vehicle manufacturer. Easy to place multiple camera types and locations in Chameleon. Each can be synchronized
  • Environment (scene in the window) time of day and weather can be varied as required
  • In cabin lighting can be applied
  • Configurable Actors mean a huge variety of people styles and clothing can be used to ensure the AI network is well generalized
  • Detailed segmentation means hand placement, object identification, head and eye motion can be used to monitor the driver


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