Curation Manager

Dataset tools to prepare, manage and augment, synthetic and real data for neural network training, providing full analytics.

Mindtech Chameleon Curation Manager

The Curation Manager serves many functions.  It is responsible for taking the data from the simulator and provides the required merging and augmentation functionality to mix existing data, add to the dataset with advanced augmentations and then split the dataset into Train, Test and Validation groups.

The AI tools within the curation manager are also used to produce statistics and visualize the results, to enable further tuning of the training data.

Advanced Annotation

The curation manager provides for both synthetic and externally imported  real data to be augmented by applying a range of operations such as noise and color manipulation to increase the size of the real data set. 

The Mindtech Chameleon platform can also utilise the advanced annotation provided by the Chameleon simulator to offer a range of advanced augmentations that are not possible with real data.  As an example, by utilising the surface normal and range data that Chameleon has unique access to, we are able to provide post-simulation re-lighting functions, and post-simulation depth of field emulation.

Chameleon AI Tools & Services

The Mindtech AI tools and services family comprises a comprehensive set of tools designed to create, manage and generate synthetic data for neural network training.