Chameleon Technologies - scalability

In order to generate the required large quantities of  training data, efficient scalability is a must

Chameleon Technologies - Scalability

In order to allow for generating the large quantities of data required, the Chameleon platform incorporates several proprietary technologies.

In creating the virtual world, we use sophisticated methods to populate the scenario in real-time as the simulation takes place.  There are also pseudo-random movements of actors and vehicles to ensure that the broadest possible spread of conditions can be recorded.

The scripting engine is designed to allow for multiple passes through the simulator whilst adjusting parameters

The Scenario files themselves are text files that can also be edited to create new scenarios with ease

The underlying software itself has been carefully written to maximize the use of available system resources, so can utilize multiple CPU threads and processors, as well as utilizing any available GPU resource.  Further, it is designed to be containerized, using technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker to provide massive parallelization opportunities.

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