Chameleon Scenario Editor

The Chameleon Platform's scenario Editor allows users to quickly create their desired scenarios for data creation

  • 1. Scenario Editor - Scene Overview

    The Scenario Editor is based around a straightforward UI, so is accessible to anyone, without requiring specific expertise in 3D graphics. The user is presented with a scene overview so that they can quickly identify an area of interest to work on for creating their dataset.

  • 2. Scenario Editor - Asset Selection

    The user can select the type of element to add to their scenario.  A search function is provided to assist the user in finding relevant assets for their required dataset

  • 3. Scenario Editor - Advanced Camera Handling

    The Scenario Editor includes a full 3D preview of the camera, so the ML engineer may easily visualise the required setup.  All Camera parameters such as FoV, yaw, pitch and roll are easily editable

  • 4. Scenario Editor - Asset Movement

    Assets may be set to follow a series of Waypoints, creating complex movements and interactions for sophisticated content creation

  • 5. Scenario Editor - Summary

    The Mindtech Chameleon Platform's scenario editor offers ML system designers a rapid, easy to use method to create unlimited, relevant training data for their AI system