Chameleon Simulator

Simulator for synthetic image and annotation generation.

Mindtech Chameleon Simulator

Simulation Script

The first stage in setting up a simulation once you have a completed scenario is determining the simulation conditions.  The Chameleon simulator is fully parameterized so you can determine characteristics such as length of the simulation, time of day and required annotations.

To assist the user, a full UI tool is available.  The files created are also easily machine/human-readable, so advanced scripting is possible

Simulator Output

The simulator outputs many files for use by the ML environment.  These include the images themselves, the annotation files,  mask files, depth files and surface normal files.  Some of these files are only machine-readable, whilst others can be human-readable and edited also.

Chameleon AI Tools & Services

The Mindtech AI tools and services family comprises a comprehensive set of tools designed to create, manage and generate synthetic data for neural network training.