Mindtech @ CES2020

17 Dec 2022

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Mindtech Demonstrates Solutions for AI Training at CES 2020

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mindtech Global Ltd, a UK-based start-up, will be at the CTA® Consumer Electronics Show (CES®) in Las Vegas from Jan 5-9th, exhibiting in Eureka Park®, booth 51109, showing their Chameleon product for training neural networks.

Mindtech at CES

Mindtech will be showing demonstrations of our Chameleon product, designed for creating the annotated visual data needed to successfully train and deploy neural networks to solve real-world problems.

Vast quantities of labelled video are required to train neural networks for visual applications; to manually capture and annotate this data has many limitations, including the time and expense involved. To date this has meant only a privileged few can develop and deploy their AI-based computer visions solutions or are perhaps limited to the usage of a few, limited public datasets.

Mindtech changes that with Chameleon, the world’s first tool for synthetic data generation, including a complete virtual world simulator with scenario editor, targeted at all industries that wish to deploy their next-generation, AI-based vision algorithms. The tool allows users to be confident that corner cases which are difficult or impossible to film in the real world have been tested, include sufficient diversity training, and are fully compliant with GDPR. This enhanced data for training helps to prevent embarrassing (or catastrophic) failures in the field.

Whether you are doing drone detection, self-driving cars, smart security cameras or other applications requiring visual stimuli, the Chameleon simulator will provide you with the additional training data you need.

Come and see us at CES, booth 51109 in Eureka Park, and see how we have democratized the acquisition of annotated data.


For further information or to book a meeting, please contact chris.longstaff@mindtech.global or https://mindtech.global.


Neal Leavitt