Mindtech Launches Dolphin: Revolutionary Data Analysis Platform

27 Jun 2023

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The Mindtech team is thrilled to announce the launch of Dolphin, our revolutionary AI-enhanced dataset analysis platform. Dolphin is set to transform the way businesses approach AI vision model development, providing rapid insights, visualisations, and curation for image datasets, whether real , synthetic or hybrid (mix synthetic and real). Our goal is to empower our customers by driving improved machine learning (ML) models through offering actionable insights and enhancing training data quality.

Insights and Statistics

With Dolphin, our customers can access comprehensive insights, statistics, and visualisations for their datasets. Leveraging our semantic analysis capabilities, Dolphin enables users to compare and contrast datasets based on factors such as object occurrence rates, sizes, and image characteristics like average brightness or entropy. By analysing these key metrics, businesses can identify patterns, trends, and potential biases within their datasets.

Advanced Visualisation and Embeddings

Dolphin goes beyond traditional analysis by extracting image embeddings from labelled or unlabeled images. These embeddings enable visualisation within the latent network space, providing unique insights into data fit within the ML network. With this powerful feature, our users can explore the underlying relationships and structures present in their data, enhancing their understanding and decision-making process.

Seamless Integration with MLOps Workflows: Dolphin seamlessly integrates with existing Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) workflows, supporting industry-standard and open dataset formats. Our platform is fully containerised, allowing effortless deployment on-premises or in the cloud. By optimising data access and minimising duplication, Dolphin ensures efficient processing of large datasets, reducing training overhead and accelerating ML model development.

Preserving Data Privacy and Security

At Mindtech, data privacy is of utmost importance. Dolphin enables our users to analyse and provide key statistical and structural information about their datasets without compromising sensitive data. This approach allows businesses to collaborate with third parties, including our Mindtech Chameleon platform, to generate synthetic data that fills diversity and bias gaps while maintaining domain matching. This tight link to Mindtech Chameleon, is critical in minimising cycle time for acting on the data insights obtained through Dolphin’s appearance, content and network fit analyses.

A Vision for Data-Centric AI: We strongly believe that data-centric AI is the future. Understanding real-world data and leveraging insights gained from it are essential for creating optimal training data. With Dolphin, we pave the way for achieving this vision, empowering our users to extract meaningful information from their datasets like never before. The Mindtech Platform takes Intelligent data engineering to a new level, allowing the creation of ML solutions that are efficient, effective and economic.

The launch of Dolphin marks a major milestone in the field of data analysis for ML model development. At Mindtech, we are proud to provide this revolutionary AI-powered platform that empowers businesses to analyse image datasets with speed, precision, and actionable insights. Dolphin is set to unlock the true potential of data, enabling our customers to create ML models of unparalleled quality. Together, let us embrace the future of data-centric AI and drive advancements in the world of machine learning.

If you would like any more information or to speak to a member of the team contact us here.

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