Redefining Computer Vision: Generative AI and Synthetic Data Take Center Stage at CVPR 2023

9 Aug 2023

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The Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) 2023, held in the city of Vancouver, brought together luminaries from academia, government, and commerce in a remarkable convergence of minds. While the event itself was a beacon of innovation, it was two predominant themes that stole the limelight, ushering in a new era of possibilities within the realm of computer vision.

Generative AI, is a powerful subset of artificial intelligence that focuses on allowing users to create a myriad of new content (images, videos, audio, text) based on large language models and deep learning. It’s become the new sought-after technology amongst the AI and larger computer vision community. It seemed that most organisations were trying to explore their relationship with generative AI.

Doctoral researchers and industry leaders showcased an array of innovations and breakthroughs that highlighted Generative AI’s and Synthetic Data’s pivotal role in reshaping the world of modern computer vision. Large organisations were on full display including Tesla, Meta, and Google, while showcasing right next to new and emerging organisations that specialise in computer vision in more defined verticals. Researchers, doctoral students, and academics shared their research and got to learn how their innovations were being utilised in various parts of the commercial market.

Two pivotal themes emerged from the event, casting a spotlight on the transformative potential of Generative AI and Synthetic Data:

Data Augmentation and Synthesis: Generative AI methods were widely discussed for their potential in augmenting and synthesising training data. By utilising synthetic data to increase the robustness and diversity of one’s training data, the overall performance of computer vision models have the potential to deploy and improve dramatically. This becomes especially valuable in scenarios where obtaining large labelled datasets can be challenging or expensive.

Realistic 3D Object Generation: The conference saw exciting progress in 3D object generation using Generative AI and Synthetic Data. Researchers showcased how synthetic data could create intricate 3D models of objects, buildings, cities, cars, and even natural landscapes. This technology holds tremendous potential in fields like virtual reality, gaming, robotics and healthcare.

CVPR was a great confluence of visionary thinkers, diving deep into the realm of Generative AI and synthetic data creation and their profound influence on computer vision. With researchers continuously pushing the limits of this computer vision, a wave of emerging applications is positioned to revolutionise our interactions across many industries — ranging from retail, healthcare, construction, and automotive to entertainment and every facet of our daily existence.

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