15 | 04 | 22

What Is Synthetic Data

A brief introduction to synthetic data
24 | 11 | 21

Automated Scenario Building - Getting the data you need, faster.

The second in a series of blog posts on synthetic data by our VP Engineering, Peter McGuinness
27 | 10 | 21

Chameleon – Solving, not moving the data bottleneck

Description of how to address the issue of creating complex Synthetic Data for training AI based vision systems through automations
24 | 09 | 21

Mindtech Webinar September 2021

Mindtech's webinar held in conjunction with Digitimes September 2021
23 | 10 | 19

Synthetic Data 101

Recently we launched Mindtech’s first product, the Chameleon AI tools and simulator. This first blog post is to give a high level description of what synthetic data is.
17 | 09 | 19

Mindtech Introduce Chameleon Synthetic Data Generator and AI Tools for Effective Training of AI-Based Solutions

LONDON, SEPT. 17 - Mindtech Global Ltd, a UK based start-up, has announced the availability of Mindtech Chameleon Simulator, creating synthetic vision datasets for training neural networks, and Mindtech Chameleon AI Tools, providing end to end data management for deep learning systems.