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05 Jan 2023
What’s the ideal mix of Synthetic and Real Data to boost AI Accuracy?
05 Jan 2023
How To Boot Out Irrelevant Training Data for Visual AI — Intelligent Data Engineering
05 Jan 2023
Accelerating Time to Market: How Synthetic Data can alleviate the waiting time for annotated data
05 Jan 2023
Is a single category for Synthetic Data in Gartner’s Hype Cycle appropriate?
05 Jan 2023
Why AI doesn’t see the world like us — and what that means for training data
05 Jan 2023
As Europe Legislates To Make AI Trustworthy, Synthetic Data Prepares To Play A Crucial Role
05 Jan 2023
Looking into 2023: 3 challenges facing the AI industry
17 Dec 2022
Mindtech @ CES2020
MIndtech CES2020 demos
15 Nov 2022
Mindtech Strategic Partnership Announcement
Mindtech announces strategic partnership and new investment
15 Nov 2022
Mindtech anuncia un soporte mejor a la escalabilidad de Chameleon
Mindtech Global Ltd, una empresa emergente basada en Reino Unido, ha anunciado soporte para contenedores que permitirán la ejecución de múltiples instancias de su herramienta de generación de datos sintéticos Chameleon en plataformas en clúster.
15 Nov 2022
Mindtech announces increased scalability support for Chameleon
Mindtech has announced container support to allow running multiple instances of their Chameleon synthetic data generation tool on clustered platforms. This approach enables full use of available compute resources leading to a significant reduction in training cycle times for neural networks using Synthetic data.
11 Nov 2022
Mindtech Announces Smart City Application Pack
17 Sep 2022
Mindtech Introduce Chameleon Synthetic Data Generator and AI Tools for Effective Training of AI-Based Solutions
Mindtech Global Ltd, a UK based start-up, has announced the availability of Mindtech Chameleon Simulator, creating synthetic vision datasets for training neural networks, and Mindtech Chameleon AI Tools, providing end to end data management for deep learning systems.
17 Sep 2022
Mindtech bringt Chameleon Synthetic Data Generator und AI Tools für effektives Training von KI-gestützten Lösungen auf den Markt
Mindtech Global Ltd, ein in Großbritannien ansässiges Start-up, kündigt die Verfügbarkeit von Mindtech Chameleon Simulator zur Erstellung synthetischer Bilddatensätze für das Training neuronaler Netzwerke und Mindtech Chameleon AI Tools für das End-to-End Datenmanagement von Deep Learning-Systemen an.
11 Aug 2022
Mindtech Chameleon 21.1
News Release about Mindtech Chameleon 21.1 release
23 Jul 2022
Mindtech raises $3.25m to accelerate growth of synthetic data training platform for AI vision systems
Press Release Regarding new investment in Mindtech
15 Apr 2022
What Is Synthetic Data
A brief introduction to synthetic data
05 Jan 2022
Mindtech Smart Home Application Pack for Chameleon
Mindtech announce the release of their Smart Home Application Pack at CES 2022
24 Nov 2021
Automated Scenario Building – Getting the data you need, faster.
The second in a series of blog posts on synthetic data by our VP Engineering, Peter McGuinness
27 Oct 2021
Chameleon – Solving, not moving the data bottleneck
Description of how to address the issue of creating complex Synthetic Data for training AI based vision systems through automations